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Severus Snape

September 2nd; lunchtime
The library
Open to: anyone

Severus had finished his food as fast as he could, so he would have free time to spend in the library. He wanted to start working in what he had been planning through summer as soon as possible. He wandered around the hallways, looking for the best potions books. He was glad no one was around...
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"What are you doing here Snivellus?" Sirius sneered as he leaned casually against one of the shelves. "Not looking for more potion books you hide behind are you?"
Severus turned around quickly, dropping one of the books he was carrying. "I believe that's not of your bussiness, Sirius", he said calmly as he picked up the book.
"None of my business?" Sirius laughed "You know I can always make it my business." he stared coldly at the books he was carrying. "And it looks like I was right, what are these books for?"
"Nothing you'd be interested in", Severus answered roughly. He walked past Sirius, put the books on a table, and sat. Then, he just started going through his bag, looking for something. "Shouldn't you be eating?" he asked Sirius, still digging into his bag.
"I had a big breakfast," Sirius replied coolly. He turned to the table Severus now sat at. He looked at the boy he hated with a wry smile. "And anyways," he said walking closer, "I think I'd be very interested."
Severus finally took out some rolls of parchment and put the on the table. He put his hand on top of the pile of books, in a sort of protective manner. "You should learn to accept a 'no', Sirius"
"You should learn some manners Snivellus, Sirius replied. He eyed the parchment, wondering what it was for. Slughorn hadn't assigned enough for so much parchment. What was Severus up to?
"I'm sorry, but I don't think it's very polite from you either trying to find out what I'm doing. But... as you seem so interested: This is a... special essay. A special essay, that Professor Slughorn gave me, because he knows I'm very good at potions and want to get more involved with it. And I have to write two parchments." Severus gave Sirius a glazing look. "Are you happy now?"
"I suppose I have to be don't I?" Sirius said, unusually submissive. He moved one of the books around idly then slowly moved his hand down inside his robes. He grasped his wand, still under his robes and muttered, "aquamenti." A small wave of water erupted out of the air and splashed over Severus, soaking him. "Cheers," Sirius said, before turning around laughing.
Severus' breathing became faster because of the anger. He quickly took out his wand and pointed it at Sirius while standing up. "You don't know who you're messing with", he said roughly.
Sirius spun around, all laughter gone from his face, wand extended as well. "I think I know who I'm dealing with. A low-life potion making prat who needs to be taught a lesson."
"Locomotor Mortis", Severus said as he pointed his wand at Sirius, making his legs stick together so he eventually fell over, and his wand jumped a few inches away. He quickly put the books and the parchment in his bag, and started walking away. "This is absolutely nothing compared with what will happen to you and your friends if you keep being such annoying brats"
Sirius swore loudly and performed the counter-jinx. He sprang up, sweating, "How dare you!" He raised his wand, "Impedimenta," he smiled briefly as Severus was slowed down.
Severus sighed heavily of annoyance, as he has tried to get Sirius out of his way and it surely hadn't worked. As fast as he could, he pointed Sirius with his wand again, and murmured "Conjunctivitis", making Sirius eyes shut close and itch.
Sirius groaned as his eyes shut. He tripped blindly over a chair and stumbled to the ground. Swearing again, he got up and once more performed a counter-hex. " Rictusempra," he muttered, glaring Severus as the tickling charm hit him.
As the charm hit Severus, he fell on the floor of laughter. Between laughs, he muttered "You'll pay... for this... you started this.... PETRIFICUS TOTALUS"
Sirius hit the ground arms and legs snapping together. His eyes looked wildly around trying to find Severus. He spotted him and shouted, "You'll regret this, I WILL get you...I suggest you find a safe place to be!" He was filled with anger, with fury and also a sense of dread as he knew he couldn't move a muscle.


11 years ago


11 years ago

Dorcas walked into the library calmly, humming some muggle song she liked. In her way in, Snape, who seemed to be quite agitated, ran into her. He gave her a glazing look, and he stopped for a second, just to say "You should really show your friends to stay away when they're being annoying". Dorcas frowned at his words, and suspected something had happened. As she ran into the library and through the shelves, she heard someone swearing. She looked near some tables, and she saw Sirius laying on the floor, completely petrified.

"Sirius! Oh my! What happened?!", she asked, while kneeling down and taking out her wand
"Dorcas?" Sirius looked up gratefully at Dorcas. "Thank God, I thought I might have to wait till dinner." He grinned, "Snivellus and I had a little disagreement."
"Ah, so that's why he was so mad... don't worry, you'll be fine in a sec". Dorcas performed the spell so Sirius would be able to move again, and she helped him stand up. "Are you okay? Did he do anything else? Did he hurt you?!"
"Thanks," Sirius said stretching out his limbs. "I'm fine, nothing bad happened." his voice was still filled with the fury he held for Severus. "But I think he's up to something. Going on about Slughorn giving him a 'special essay'. The nerve of him."
"He is too weird. You guys shouldn't mess up with him, who knows what he might end up doing to you! You say he's up to something... any ideas of what it might be?"
"I'm not worried about him," Sirius said, gaining control over his voice. He continued in a more normal tone, "Whatever it is, it has to deal with potions of some sort, he had a huge pile of potions books."
"He's obsessed with potions! I bet he wants to put some mortal potion in the water or something and kill everyone in school..." Dorcas sighed "Let's go outside... we shouldn't really be wasting our time on Snape. He's just a crazy freak"
"You're right, 'crazy freak' defines him perfectly." Sirius laughed. "And outside sounds good to me."