Tom Marvolo Riddle (voldypookins) wrote in morsmordrerpg,
Tom Marvolo Riddle

September 3, afternoon
Open to: Anyone, preferably Voldemort sympathizers

The young-ish wizard screamed in agony as the Cruciatus curse hit him straight on. Not that he was able to avoid it or anything - being magically bound, and without a wand, usually left one vulnerable to such things. And the wizard who was pointing the wand at him to sustain the curse was also much more powerful than most, so the ability to escape was that much more diminished.

Lord Voldemort finally relented as the man's screams died down due to exhaustion, pulling back his wand, and gazing upon the captured wizard with cruel, amused eyes. The man was an employee of the Ministry of Magic, and his disappearance was sure to be noted in the Daily Prophet the next day, but that was hardly a concern to Voldemort. Any free publicity was good publicity.

His followers had not interrogated the man, nor had they questioned him. He had been brought in specifically to torture and kill. The first part was nearly over, and the only question about the second part was who was to have the honor of killing him, and how. The body would be left on the doorstep of the Ministry later.

Voldemort wanted his supporters with him in the wizard's final moments. Taking one of his Death Eaters, Voldemort pressed his finger to the Dark Mark that burned black on the man's left bicep. His followers would feel the summon, and be called to his side. The Dark Lord's eyes burned brightly in triumph. His day was coming, and it would be soon.
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