Tom Marvolo Riddle (voldypookins) wrote in morsmordrerpg,
Tom Marvolo Riddle

Continuation of last thread - for all Death Eaters

"My loyal followers", Voldemort said to the gathered crowd. "The time is nearly ripe. The plans I have been formulating for years are almost to fruition." He allowed himself a smile as he wandered through the ranks of Death Eaters gathered to him. "And once everything is said and done, your unquestioning loyalty will not go unrewarded."

He strode back towards the center of the room, his minions in a circle about him. "Those of you in the Ministry - continue as you are, but do what you can to create confusion, even among the little things. The more the Ministry's hands are tied, the quicker our work will progress, and the less they will be able to hinder us. Those of you at Hogwarts - create dissention within the ranks of students. I myself will be visiting Hogwarts personally." Voldemort almost shuddered - he would be forced to use that hideous muggle name for himself at that time, but he steadied himself by deciding that it was worth the degredation should he attain what he desired.

"If any of you have anything interesting to report, now would be the time." The Dark Lord finished, looking around the room.
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