Albus Dumbledore (dumbledore_darp) wrote in morsmordrerpg,
Albus Dumbledore

First day of School, September 1st
Great Hall, Feast
Open to: EVERYONE!

Albus, wisened over his many years, sat in his normal throne like seat in the middle of the staff table at the head of the great hall. He watched with great amusment as all the new 1st year students were sorted into their new houses, then found their seats. He waited until everything was cleared away before he gracfully stood, and held up his arms waiting for silence. When he got it, he began in a very calm tone, addressing all the students.

"Welcome to another fine year at Hogwarts. I'd like to welcome all our new 1st years, and welcome back all the rest of the students. I'd like to remind you all that the Forbidden Forest is still," he glanced over the room, his gaze falling 4 certain Gryffindors. "off limits to all students who do not wish to die a most painful death. I'd also like to remind my students, " his gaze now feel upon a certain Gryffindor girl he was in fact related to. "That the Astronomy Tower is not a place to spend your nights. Now, let us eat!" Albus clapped his hands together and mountains of food appears on all the tables.
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